Before explaining the two options available for financial gain on the site I will make a general introduction to the matter

The road to great and stable economic profit is based on two things

1 Work & Self Development – It is important for the partner to do site treatments himself or herself to cure the mental parts that follow him.

Such as: Fear and anxiety, strengthen its weak attributes, to promote a business

Sample self-confidence.

2 Proper Partner Behavior – The economic model is a combination of affiliate marketing and multilayer marketing mlm

We’ve taken the best parts of these sharing and replication models.

A combination of your work and the others for you.

But, don’t think that if you bring in a large number of people, they will do the work for you and make a living in H.

Only through your work and direct influence can you earn a good living in H

Through investing in focused activities, activities, selling therapies and also bringing partners through them,

You’ll get the best results.

meaning direct investment in your first generation.

The Economic Model

is a model where people enter into affiliates without a monthly purchase commitment,

but through the purchase of any treatment alone and wish to be part of the system in this way.

The model consists of affiliate marketing and multilayer marketing only with no monthly commitment whatsoever

At the same time, we highly recommend people who really want to make serious money through the site that will be listed in one of the programs that renew automatically every month. Doing so will earn you two important things

1 Keep building your personal and financial healing and strengthening, which will also enable you to scale economically

The 2 people who come in under you who also cheat earnestly through the site have a great chance of doing so which will make you a steady profit every month so you will benefit from people who want to earn a living as well as people who just want to cure your life


First Generation 20%

Second Generation 7%

Third Generation 5%

4th Generation 4%

Blessing and Success