Explanation of the site

This site is a spiritual site that aims to help people in every area of ​​their life where they need help.

Experience shows that spiritual help is much easier and faster to achieve the desired results.

On this unique site the options for help are almost limitless, you can get help in any area and that is why these spiritual treatments come directly from the well-known Holy Name Himself.

Through the treatments on the site, people all over the world receive a solution to problems and goals that have not been achieved by conventional means, such as doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc., as well as in unconventional ways such as complementary medicine or other spiritual ways. Through the unique treatments on the site, people are cured of problems that are defined as chronic or have no cure, terminal illnesses, cures of mental illnesses, earning a living, parity, peace of mind, self-realization, and more.

If the person is goal-oriented and constantly in treatment until he or she receives the solution to his problem or request, he will respond to his request through the on-site treatments.

About Us

The site’s administrator is Ya’akov Israel Hazan, a psychotherapist by profession with over 25 years of seniority, engaging in spiritual healing through attachment to Rabbi, the well-known Saint Shem Tov.

Through a spiritual connection to the well-known saint, the Saint deals with healing people, training, counseling and care.

Creates a variety of healing products and mainly manages the healing site of Baal Shem Tov. His job on the site is to build a kind of spiritual bridge between the person who seeks care for the well-known rabbi of St. In this way, anyone in the world can receive real help from the well-known saint and heal his life simply.

How the site works

The site is a spiritual site through which the well-reputed saint is treated.

This site is a kind of “spiritual bridge” between the person seeking care for the Holy Name through his follower. Every nation of Israel has no limit to act, heal and help in whatever form it wishes. A famous example of our generation is the use of sacred letters through Chabad devotees

On this site, the Baal Shem Tov the Holy One works through his follower Yaakov Yisrael Hazan to bring healing and help to anyone who wants to be in the entire world.

Everyone in this world has a role, a spiritual mission to do knowingly or unknowingly, even here in our case there is a reason that it is precisely Yaakov Israel Hazan (the devotee and messenger of the Baal Shem Tov) who is responsible for healing and spreading this righteous light in this special way.

The site is spiritually linked to the well-known saint himself and so as soon as the person writes a request through the website and invites treatment he immediately receives a real spiritual response and help in solving his / her problem.

Types of site treatment

“Treatments” This is the fastest and most powerful way to get results, and they are quick and targeted treatments. In practice, most of the site is here and everyone recommends focusing on treatments to achieve their goals. Once you have achieved your goals, you can continue with additional programs on the site.


1 Continuation Plan – This is a monthly subscription plan (which can be canceled at any time). This program is designed to continue treatment after you have received the desired results in “ Treatments to deepen your healing and transformation. (Because “ follow-up treatments” are done through the mental correction, it takes longer to see results compared to “ treatments “)

2 Corona Healing This Corona Virus Targeted Program is designed for anyone with the Corona Virus. For most people this program will suffice for the cure of the disease and the Hebrews that the virus is valid as an example with this if a person is in serious condition it is advisable to add the structured treatment to the corona cure which is under the category “treatments” to do some such treatments per day as needed This program. Beyond that, this plan can be just like a follow-up plan only for the larger payment tool.

3 Joy Website – This is a monthly subscription plan (which can be canceled at any time). It is a program to increase joy to a very high level to bring about a condition called “soul discovery” and to live in actual tried and tested level. This program is built to continue treatment after you receive the desired results in “ Treatments to deepen healing and change

4 Severe Illness (Mind and Body) Healing This program can cure any mental health problems and livelihoods just like a continuation program. The significant change is that the person has a serious problem with a living body. Here, too, in extreme situations, it may be necessary to add targeted and stronger treatments through: “treatments” but only in the most extreme situations

Products Spiritual products are very effective. These are formulas with unique spiritual formulas for each product embedded in cream or water. Once the cream is applied or sprayed with water (in accordance with the instructions for use) the formula is released and the treatment and healing takes place in practice.

Spiritual and Emergency Medicine

There is a possibility through the site for special and urgent treatments instead of urgent and dangerous surgery, orthopedic surgery or treatment of a condition that requires immediate medicine. These treatments are in “treatments” are basically the usual treatments that usually require a high dose to get the desired results fast.

Questions and Answers

In everything in this world in order for a revelation of a particular light to be required, there must be a tool that can receive it. In order to receive treatment you have to pay, the payment is actually a tool for receiving the light that the righteous influences and then there is an action of actual healing.

According to experience, no one is able to fund his treatments. The problem is only fears, imaginations and lack of faith that keep the person stuck for years and years. This is true always but here on the site of the Baal Shem Tov this reality is even more powerful and in principle every person can receive treatment without any problem if they overcome their imagined fears.

If, however, the fear increases, a certain program can be started several times a week as it can persist and fund. The treatment will probably flow more slowly, but you will always reach your goals.

All treatments are requests from the rabbi the difference is only the price. The price is actually a tool that receives the light, a higher charge = a larger tool that holds more light, which means that you can get more powerful and extended treatment.

Depending on the issue, it is important to choose appropriate and strong treatment that will allow the problem to be cured, if you wish to contact us by email holybaalshemtovsite@gmail.com to receive a tailored treatment plan from us Personalized to your situation.

Many times start strong treatment as needed and after experiencing improvement doses can be lowered for smaller treatment.

* Request one cure per day each day.

* Friday’s requests are requested before the Sabbath entry and Saturday’s requests can only be requested after Saturday’s departure.

* There are no treatments at all on Saturdays and holidays.

* The deadline has treatments.

* In special cases do more treatments a day if needed.

Every treatment takes time and also on the site of Baal Shem Tov. The site can be cured and achieved what cannot be cured in various places and also usually faster but still takes a certain amount of time.

Time depends on the size of the problem and especially its spiritual root and the meaning of the same problem to man. Sometimes a very difficult problem is cured very quickly and sometimes a relatively simple problem can take time. It is the person’s responsibility not to fall into despair and imagination and persevere in treatment until it gets results. It is important to understand that perseverance (as in many areas) is the key to success, all in your hands.

The meaning of joy

Saint Baal Shem Tov teaches that joy is actually the discovery of the soul within the dimension of the soul, Joy and faith are one. While the light of faith goes away from man, he is no longer happy And so there is an emphasis on the work of joy in Judaism And especially in Hasidism there is a great emphasis on joy as the ultimate goal of every person.

No better than the man will delight in his actions (Ecclesiastes 23:20)

There is no line to the Holy Spirit but to a happy heart (Jerusalem sukkah, a)

Great commandment to always be happy (LBK urn)

Increase joy

Baal Shem Tov teaches that sadness is the root of most problems. It is true that one learns that the spiritual root is pride but in practice in the human soul sadness is the root of most problems (including pride itself).

Every person is an endless energy transmitter that constantly affects himself, his body, his environment and the entire world.

His influence depends on his mood. In general, if a person is in a positive mood, he or she has a good influence on himself and the environment and if the person in the opposite mood influences the opposite. The person who comes from the foundation of the ashes is naturally prone to sadness of one degree or another.

Request treatment for someone else

It is possible and desirable to seek treatment for another person even without his knowledge (also permissible and desirable according to Halacha), a person who has this problem is actually the result of sin he has committed. It is written that one does not sin unless a nonsense spirit enters it. A person with a nonsense spirit is not the same subject and sometimes needs another person to help him out of the same problem and so parents, children, friends, family and the like are very successful.

Increasing joy is the root of every problem

(in body, mind, livelihood, parity, etc.), often increasing joy alone cures every problem and sometimes you need to add targeted healing to the particular problem, so you should focus on the site first of all to increase joy (even if you don’t feel sadness at all) and There has been a significant improvement and, if necessary, continued targeted healing of the problem you want to solve.