. Requesting to increase joy is the way to reach every goal and live in a truly tried reality.

It is important to note that a person on the site who seeks treatment to increase the righteous joy (UAV) also knows what your primary desire and need is, and this will also be the intent and focus of the treatment.

Keep in mind that joy light is a general light that affects everything and therefore a person who wants to work through joy is not focused on solving the problems but only on increasing the joy and in such a way the light of the soul can be revealed within The dimension of the soul and only then does legality begin to be tried in our lives.

This treatment is pre-built to relieve fears and anxieties and increase self-confidence and self-confidence and ability to succeed in life,

Write the name and the mother’s name and send the form this way for treatment. You can request unlimited treatment It is advisable to ask for treatment at least 6 times a day at different times of the afternoon.

Like all site treatments, there is a built-in light (influence from the righteous) and a tool (payment) because the payment here is very low and it is important to ask several times a day for treatment.

Continuing therapy is a treatment designed to deepen the repair of the human psyche, is a treatment that each time more and more fixes the person from the root, removes « dirt » Spiritual and mental and leaves the patient every time cleaner, more tender and spiritual. This treatment takes time clearly so it is recommended that you do so only after the person who has obtained their desired results via «  Well-known treatments  » on the site, through « follow-up treatments » continue to deepen healing, change and achieving personal goals on each topic.