The Baal Shem Tov site is a place where anyone can reach their personal goals.

That’s why it’s important first of all to focus on self-help, through the site .

Cure our personal problems, help us reach our goals,

So we can move forward in our lives and improve them and we can also bring a personal example as a distributor.

As we improve our problems and move forward in our lives, we can set an example for our friends

and lower their fears and barriers to treatment.

This is how we understand the strength of the treatment, its meaning and it will be easier for us to spread it further.

Yes, they will see the improvement we have made ourselves.

Everyone needs help and support.

Real Help – Get on site provided they do daily treatments according to the guidelines.

Support and Training – through which you explain to them about the treatments will remind you of the importance of perseverance

And remind them where they will go if this perseverance.

Show them the process you have – you have gone through and your improvement will serve as an example.

And through this, you will begin to strengthen your livelihood at H .

The best way to lead you for a living in abundance is because of our two basic principles:

The first – a quick change in your life

The second – support for people who are smart .

In order to make a quick change in your life, we recommend focusing on addressing your individual problem. Help with personalized treatment and setting in the right shape, a form that will allow you to feel a change after a week. And it is clear to choose the quick treatments for body or mind healing or at least self-care 6

(In case the emotional problem is necessary to specify clearly and focused, in order to achieve the desired results at the desired time.)

This way you go through the treatment, you will begin your personal progress.

You will have the inner strength and enthusiasm to convey your message and power to your friends

Baal Shem Tov’s happy site.

(We recommend that most people focus on at least the first week of your personal treatment for healing

Fears and anxieties, increase self-confidence.

something that everyone needs and will give you a lot of power for life and distribution)

Person Support – For a person to want to join, most times it is not enough to just tell the site once.

Mostly, you will need to submit proofs, it is important every two weeks to send a video with the development and changes you are going through (people are not buying jerks but yes you are opening your heart and number) to provide him with confidence which will give him the energy to start the treatment process.

You will also need to support him during the course of treatment in order to always achieve his own goals.

Any member who wants to earn through site participation after signing up as a distributor.

(free registration)

will receive its unique link. Once a person enters your personal link in between with a social networking site

or with a private message,

As soon as a person comes in and paints, purchasing treatments.

Shopping will register and you will receive the percentages due to you by policy.

We’ve also added affiliate marketing software. Option to earn through multi-tier marketing (mlm)

to allow you to make bigger profits.

We recommend doing multiple activities so you can sign up as many people as you can and increase your profits.

Beyond helping them really achieve their goals,

Request video referral recommendations for friends