Site Policies

All treatments and products on the site are spiritual treatments and are not defined by the Ministry of Health as recognized medicine.

Any matter related to health, personal condition and choice of treatment type / medicine is applicable only to the person.

The site team is not responsible for the results of the treatment and the person’s condition during and after the treatment phase.

There is no refund for treatments or products.

Every person must choose a treatment plan. It is possible to request a consultation on a personalized treatment plan.

The site is focused on providing therapies and does not include mental support and additional advice.

All information required to request treatment or purchase a product is clearly stated on the website.

No site undertakes to answer any immediate request.

The products are sent to you by registered mail.

By sending the product to you, you will receive the registered postal code.

It is your responsibility to track the shipment.

A person who subscribes to one of the programs subscribes – follow-up or the joy site,

Subscribes to the renewed subscription each month and it is the responsibility of the person to cancel the subscription whenever he wishes.

The site is not responsible for termination of treatment. If you forget to unsubscribe there will be no refund.

We are dedicated to helping people and are happy to distribute the medicine of Our Lady but not at all costs.

We do not want to accept people who come, spread havoc and hatred.

People who are upfront, do not want to help themselves and are looking to get their frustration out of us

And are interested in suing the site or site staff.

Treatment is a process that takes time.

If a person wants to continue or not continue the treatment, it is his responsibility alone.

The site takes no responsibility.

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