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How to reach any goal in a fast way – (Without having to register on the website)

A quick way to reach any goal in a simple and quick way is through the Soul Fix at the site of the Holy Baal Shem Tov

Every person who has a problem, an illness, a goal that is difficult to find in the normative ways  Problems, such as stress soul  mind, body  relationship, peace, at home, a livelihood, pregnancy … If they don’t be cured is sign that you needs a deeper way to reach a solution to cure your problem. A higher level of solution.

This higher level could be reached through the connection of a real. Tzadik (Righteous) who will correct and heal and solve the problem

To receive healing you need two different things. Light (the direct influence of the Tzadik) and vessel (the capacity to receive this light) The tool is money. Money in the Torah is called blood Because when you give money you are giving in some way a portion of yourself The reason why it takes effort to earn money is that a person who gives money gives of himself

Nobody has a problem an illness if he doen’t do something wrong. The natural way to fix the wrong ways is through suffering but, G-od gave an alternative way through giving blood and money instead of suffering and problems in his life.

In the site the bigger amount of money you receive a stronger treatment beouse you are building a bigger vessel to receive the treatment

What to do

First of all, choose the amount of money the vessel to receive your treatment A general advice you can choose 50 $ For most people is enough to receive a good treatment. If you are new in the site we advise to do a treatment focused in something that you can be aware of the results of the treatment something that a person can experience some  change, such as a change in mood, or  pain This is important because healing is a process something that must be build day by day Through this treatment you can realy heal your life you can realy achieved your goals but keep in ming that it is not magic is a real deep healing that will take you to your goals B”H

After you payed your treatment through the link . go to the form write your name your healing request ” I ask to the Holy Baal Shem Tov for help to …”  and send the form. This site is spiritual connected to the Holy Baal Shem Tov founder of the Hassidic movement When you send  your request at the moment you receive the healing you asked and as we explained the power of the treatment is directly depended of the money that you choose to pay. Do a daily treatment until you reach your goal

It is important to note

There is no refund, the reason being that according to our experience, a serious person will always reach his goal B”H

The strength of the treatment depends on the amount you pay

Those who send a form without payment receive nothing

On Shabbat (from Friday before sunset to Saturday after sunset), there are no treatments, that is, they do not ask for or pay on Shabat, because they will not receive treatment on Shabbat

To choose the power of your  treatment choose here  the money that you want to pay (click on the link below) for your treatment before you send the form

 יעקב חזן (


The correction request form - Write your name the Treatment request and send the form

תודה. בקשתך לטיפול התקבלה. הטיפול מתבצע ברגעים אלו.

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