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The site of joy is part of the healing site of the well-known Holy One that is only happily targeted.
Joy is the divine revelation that exists in every human being, the Baal Shem Tov teaches that joy is a true manifestation of one's soul.

Explain the meaning of joy - Baal Shem Tov teaches that joy is actually the discovery of the soul within the dimension of soul, joy and faith in one. While the light of faith goes away from man, he is no longer happy and therefore there is an emphasis on the work of joy in Judaism and especially in Hasidism there is a great emphasis on joy as the ultimate goal of every person.

No better than the man will rejoice in his actions (Ecclesiastes 3: 8)

There is no line to the Holy Spirit but to a happy heart (Jerusalem Sukkah, A)

Great commandment to always be happy

What is the difference between joy and other emotions and experiences?

Simply, the power that joy has to heal and change everything.
Joy has such great power that it reveals a new, new, legitimate reality that raises man to the soul dimension (we live mostly in the soul dimension only) and therefore wonderful things happen, good visible and a very great expansion of reality, allowing different and wonderful expressions in all levels of man. .

But how do you achieve this joy?

We all know that everyone is happy sometimes but also know that joy and especially powerful joy does not stay for long. In most hours of the day, most people are not happy or not happy at high intensity.

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Mac Through this Subscription Website, they receive regular treatments for discovering joy and learning "How to be happy?", various courses that allow one to practice joy until joy is inherent in the person.
* The Joy site is a subscription system that renews every month and can be canceled at any time.

* Each subscriber receives daily automatic treatment that will only deal with the issue of joy and beyond that additional treatments can be added to increase the joy at no additional charge (through the "joy site").

* There are various courses delivered in videos that guide patients on what to do to achieve joy (daily practice to increase joy).

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